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Light Reqirements: full/part

Soil Moisture: Medium-Wet/Medium- Dry

Height: 3 ft

Bloom Color: 

Bloom Time: July-September

Deer Resistant?  yes

Black Walnut resistant? Yes

Kalm's Brome (Bromus kalmiI )

PriceFrom $5.00
  • I'm native to New York State and Tompkins County, NY


    I'm a cool-season grass. I grow most actively in the spring and fall


    I'm a short lived perennial.


    My seeds are an attrractive blue-gray turning tan when ripe.


    The weight of the seeds cause each stem to droop gracefully downward. 


    I make a good plant for erosion control while other slower growing native plants take hold. 


    My seeds are food for birds and small mammals and provide cover and habitat. 


    I grow in clumps and therefore provide nice habitat for birds and small mammals. 

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