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We'd love to have you come visit and stay awhile.

                            Come stay in our timber frame 300sf tiny house. 

The Tiny House will be opening in May for rental. Please visit Airbnb for booking your stay.

If you're interested in staying and the calendar on Airbnb says the place is booked, feel free to message us and confirm that it is not available. We are not opening the whole season at once to leave room for friends and family, so there may be openings available.  

Timber Frame Tiny House on 65 acres

The tiny house is on the property where we live and work. The land is home to the plant nursery, two cats, two humans and many, many native and non-native beings both plants and animals. Enjoy the privacy of the tiny house and small farm pond along with trails through the woods and meadows. We respect your privacy but you are always welcome to stop by and say hello, we're just up the hill.  

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