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About Us

We're a husband and wife team who are dedicated to connecting people to the natural world in a variety of ways.  We believe that one important path to a healthier planet is through opportunities for people to reconnect to nature. While there are an abundance of wonderful ways to connect to nature, we are following our passions through Grow Wild and Adventure Tree to support people in their own discoveries of ways to learn and grow from nature. We are delighted to have the opportunity to connect and grow in our community. 

Deanna English

In an effort to give back to the natural world all that has been gifted to me, it is my life's ambition to work towards supporting the healing of the natural world. I believe one way of accomplishing this is by reintroducing native plants into our community, which acts as a source of healing for us and the planet. 

My background is in education and ecological restoration.  I have a BA in Middle School Education and a MS in Environmental Studies. 

Guy Mott

Guy has been adventuring all his life (long distance hiking such as the 500 mile Colorado Trail, many years and 1300 jumps as a sky-diving instructor, earned an advanced belt in the study of martial arts, etc.) so he felt called to a career in adventure education and so was born Adventure Tree. Today he is well recognized as a tree climbing facilitator and trainer for school groups and camps around the country. 

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