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Light Requirements: full sun/shade

Soil Moisture: Medium wet-Medium dry

Bloom Color: purple

Height: 4 inches

Deer Resistant? yes

Black Walnut resistant: yes

Common Blue Violet (Viola sororia)

  • I'm a native to New York state and to Tompkins County, NY.


    I freely self seed, so will eagerly spread.


    I’m a lovely groundcover and can even be used as a replacement lawn.


    I’m the host plant of many butterflies including the Variegated Fritillary butterfly found in our area


    My flowers and young leaves are edible for humans.


    According to information found on the Prairie Moon website, during the 1910s-1950s, it was popular for lesbian and bisexual people to present violets to one another as a secret symbol of affection. It is believed that the practice originally became popular in New York and then spread across the country.   

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