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Light Requirements: full sun/part shade

Soil Moisture: medium/wet

Bloom Color: white

Bloom Time: May

Height: 3-6 ft. 

Deer Resistant? No

Black Walnut tolerant?

Black Chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa)

  • I'm a shrub


    I’m an excellent wildlife shrub that supports birds and pollinators.


    Birds love my fruits.  


    The fruits are edible, but are not very tasty straight from the bush hence the common name chokeberry. They are often used to make jams or jellies. 


    I have a beautiful orange to red fall color, which makes me a lovely addition to the home landscape.


    My natural habitat includes pond edges, bogs, swamps, and wet woodlands, so I work well in your wetter areas.  


    I will spread slowly forming a  thicket which birds love. 


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